Racing Bettor is a VIP Horse Racing Tipping service (not a bookmaker) and we pride ourselves on and have a successful history in achieving profitable returns.

Unlike most free tipsters online, we are not affiliated to any bookmaker, this means our tips are independent. Most free tipsters make their money through referrals and commission by posting links to affiliated bookmakers which means they profit regardless of win or loss. Racing Bettor is different we only make money from being successful. At the end of the day, if we don’t succeed we wouldn’t expect you to pay for our tips!

Check out our results page for the latest results to date and decide for yourself. In addition to daily tips, we offer our members much more as we want to make money for our members but also enable them to have the knowledge and tips to make their own money.

You can start with any budget. Yes of course it helps to have a good betting balance to start with, but if you want to start with £20 for example, that is absolutely fine. As long as you bet sensibly and follow the staking plan provided then we are confident that you will profit long term.

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No there is not, all of our memberships are flexible and can be cancelled anytime. If you cancel early you will still receive the remaining time on your membership.

We tend to stick with Bet365 purely as this is where our bank is stored. Sometimes for festivals such as Cheltenham, other bookmakers have offers and our VIP members receive updates on these offers and some tips will be with different bookmakers to ensure maximum profit.

All tips are sent via email by 9am each day. If there are any value tips at good prices which we feel will reduce we will send the tip earlier.

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